When the sedan is running in high speed, the sunshade should not be shut completely under the condition that the sunroof is opened. Chery Amulet с г. Proceed to Step The bolts removed from the cylinder head must be changed and cannot be reused. Руководство по ремонту и эксплуатации Chery A3 с г. Replace it, if necessary. Page Sensor is installed Install it normally normally or not?

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Therefore, before the following procedure, remove the ABS vehicle speed sensor the axle side first and fix it in a proper position in order to keep the sensor untouched during the vehicle maintaining. ON warning lamp is burnt or not The warning lamp lights? чреи

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Rear housing fixing bolt 7. The disassembly as below: Page Degradation of tire Replace Чеери Insufficient tire pressure Adjust Unbalance of tire Road noise мнуал Repair or vehicle vibration Deformation of rim or tire Replace Uneven wear of tire Overbeating of tire and rim Replace Looseness of wheel nut Lock Up-and-down Unbalance of tire shaking of steering Make sure that there is no obstruction on the top of sedan to disturb the movement of glass panel prior opening the sunroof.

Clutch release bearing 8. Fuel injected from fuel injector keeps in atomization and comes into cone angle 15 degree to injection nozzle axis. Page Connect diode-testing light high-pressure switch and increase the engine speed slowly. Disconnect the harness of SCU.


The free length is 46mm; ABS coding error 5. Pull out the rear adjusting lever so as to disconnect the seat, and маеуал it forward. Headlamp Removal Disconnect the negative grid of the battery Remove the radiator grille, and use sleeve to remove the four fixing bolts of the headlamp.

The suspension is the model of shock absorber also called MacPherson independent suspension. A disc brake is used for the front wheels, while a drum brake is for the rear wheels.

Install hook of accelerator cable in gluey block of accelerator pedal. Remove the safety handle.

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Евро — 75,30 руб. If failure appears during use, the vehicle should be sent to the service station designated by Chery; the company is not responsible for the accidents due to self-disassembling, self-maintenance and improper operation.

If excessive damage or other conditions prevent this, use wheel dollies. The common malfunctions of the fuel pump are representation of insufficient fuel pressure, not pumping fuel and so on.

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Подробнее 24 ноябряпосмотрело: Press the needle bearing to its right position by special tool. Сборник руководств на английском языке по эксплуатации и ремонту Chery A11 и Chery Windcloud годов выпуска.

Turn the fastening pin of glass panel by 90 degrees in clockwise with flat screwdriver to remove the fastening pin of glass panel.

Remove the interior trim rim pull upwards as the order shown in the figurepay attention not to damage the control buttons.


Before the procedure below, the careless pull may lead the disconnection of the harness if the ABS vehicle speed sensor is not removed first. Mileage Km Items Engine oil манул bolt: The interface between valve rocker and hydraulic jib is lubricated by oil through the oil hole in hydraulic jib. Install the motor and the SCU in the reverse order of step 7. In case it is found that the depth reaches the using limit for any hole, the friction disk shall черии changed. The intermittent When 1 The circuit 1 Verify that the fuse wiping does not ignition switch wiper S8 in the relay box and function.

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Install the fastening pin of glass panel through амнуал 90 degrees only. Tighten the fastening bolts of interior trim rim. Disengage the front riser and the rail slide device, then remove the latter.

Values of a pair of diagonal lines should be equal: